Mathilde de LORRAINEAge: 57 years9941051

Mathilde de LORRAINE
Given names
Birth 994

Birth of a daughter
Richilde de HAINAUT
1027 (Age 33 years)

Death of a husbandRégnier V de HAINAUT
about 1039 (Age 45 years)


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Death 1051 (Age 57 years)

  1. Generation 1
    1. Mathilde de LORRAINE was born in 994 and died in 1051 at the age of 57.

      Children of Mathilde de LORRAINE and Régnier V de HAINAUT:

      1. Richilde de HAINAUT (10271086)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Richilde de HAINAUT, comtesse, daughter of Régnier V de HAINAUT and Mathilde de LORRAINE, was born in 1027 and died on March 21, 1086 at the age of 59. She married Baudouin Vi (1er) de FLANDRE, son of Baudouin V de FLANDRE and Adélaïde de FRANCE, in 1053. He was born in 1030 and died on July 23, 1070 at the age of 40.

      Children of Richilde de HAINAUT and Baudouin Vi (1er) de FLANDRE:

      1. Arnoul Iii de FLANDRE (10551071)
      2. Baudouin Ii de HAINAUT (10561098)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Baudouin Ii de HAINAUT, comte de Hainaut, son of Baudouin Vi (1er) de FLANDRE and Richilde de HAINAUT, was born in 1056 and died in 1098 at the age of 42. He married Ida de LOUVAIN in 1084. She died in 1107.

      Children of Baudouin Ii de HAINAUT and Ida de LOUVAIN:

      1. Baudouin Iii de HAINAUT (10871120)
      2. Richilde de HAINAUT (10951118)
      3. Ida de HAINAUT