Hodierne de GOMETZAge: 54 years10201074

Hodierne de GOMETZ
Given names
Birth 1020

Birth of a daughter
Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY
1032 (Age 12 years)


_USTGuy 1er de MONTLHÉRYView this family

Death 1074 (Age 54 years)

  1. Generation 1
    1. Hodierne de GOMETZ was born in 1020 and died in 1074 at the age of 54.

      Children of Hodierne de GOMETZ and Guy 1er de MONTLHÉRY:

      1. Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY (10321097)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY, daughter of Guy 1er de MONTLHÉRY and Hodierne de GOMETZ, was born in 1032 and died in 1097 at the age of 65.

      Children of Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY and Hugues de RETHEL:

      1. Béatrice de RETHEL
      2. Mathilde de RETHEL (1151)
      3. Baudouin Ii de RETHEL (10821131)
      4. Hodierne de RETHEL
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Béatrice de RETHEL, daughter of Hugues de RETHEL and Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY.

      Children of Béatrice de RETHEL and Léon 1er d'ARMÉNIE:

      1. Stéphane d'ARMÉNIE (11101165)
    2. Baudouin Ii de RETHEL, roi de Jérusalem, son of Hugues de RETHEL and Mélisende de MONTLHÉRY, was born in 1082 and died in 1131 at the age of 49.

      Children of Baudouin Ii de RETHEL and Morphia de MELITERNE:

      1. Mélisende de RETHEL
      2. Alix de RETHEL
      3. Hodierne de RETHEL (11101165)
      4. Yvette de RETHEL (11201170)